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Valentine’s Day Love Eternal

Valentine's Day Never Ends.

Inner Peace for Lasting Harmony

Heart Fire Qigong, also sometimes called “Heart Qigong” or “Xin Huo Qigong,” is a specific form of Qigong practice that focuses on cultivating and balancing the energy of the heart.

In traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, the heart is not only a physical organ but also a vital center of emotion, spirit, and consciousness.

As with any exercise or meditation practice, it’s advisable to learn Heart Fire Qigong from a qualified instructor to ensure proper technique and to maximize benefits.

Unlock the Secrets

Study, practice and apply the principle of Qigong in order attain the balance and harmony for a strong, durable, and lasting love.

The principles of Qigong include:
Balancing Emotions
Cultivating Inner Heat
Meditation and Cultivation,
Breathing Techniques
Physical Posture and Movements
Harmonizing with Nature.